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Olive trees have grown for more than 4,000 years with 2,500 types of olives worldwide. A mere 10% of oil produced is top grade extra virgin.

In Martinborough, Aotearoa New Zealand we draw on this heritage and quality. Olives have grown here only recently. Tuscan and Andalucían ancestor varieties are nurtured on our grove far from their origins. They create distinct, superior olive oil.

Dali Extra Virgin Olive Oil aims to be unique in style and best in class. Dali is bold, interpretative, complex, herbal and fruity with cheeky spice – new world fresh, green, full of joy and beguiling temptation.

extra virgin

Before high praise from the buddha and the bible, olive oil was revered as
a natural marvel. Once, dinner guests were rubbed with olive oil to show them respect. Today extra virgin olive oil adorns food, applying similar esteem.

why dali

The name Dali is
as enduring and noble as the olive itself. Dali is a composite image
for our olive grove.

Dali expresses global influences – olive varieties transported to New Zealand, the last country to be settled. Local influences provide added benefits – flavours translated by local terroir and sustainable grove management.

Dali Moments

our heritage

From August 2011 we continued an awardwinning olive grove established in 2005. There are 1100 trees – from Tuscany, Italy come Frantoio, Leccino, Pendolino varieties, and from Andalucían, Spain comes Picual. We are planting Greek and French varietals.

All oils have won medals at Olives New Zealand awards.

We have a fecund site set amid the Martinborough crucible.
The grove harbours essential minerals and life in fertile clay loam soils, weathered by temperate and sometimes temperamental seasons. We embrace these elements, encouraging the soil as a living system to work in harmony with
a diverse biosphere, including
our olive trees.

The grove is equally driven by
its estimated 13 million earthworms per hectare as it is by what grows above the ground. They are interrelated. We sow what we reap.

Dali captures the taste, epicurian and health value of olive fruit in our oil. Extra virgin olive oil of high flavour and quality is preserved by skilled harvesting, followed quickly by cold-extraction milling, cool storage, specialist bottling.

The Vintiner’s Grove Limited is a family-owned business. It grows and produces Dali Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Andrea Stewart, Ross Vintiner and daughters Zeenat and Sazia, along with our indispensable consultants and service providers, are its guardians.

Ross began olive growing in Wairarapa in the late 1980s and has returned with his family to a renewed passion towards sustainable grove and supply chain management.

It’s a heritage designed to last.


Dali Picual

Diva of vitality

Supreme Picual varietal is for stronger foods and diva moods. Dali Picual transforms itself and food during cooking – robust, rich and spicy for roasting, stews, suits Latin and Asian cuisines, wonderful with fish, crispy potato, risotto, pasta, paella. A complex, herbaceous cook’s oil, Dali Picual has rocket lettuce flavour with vibrant green hue. Mexico meets the Mediterranean, made under Wairarapa skies.

$20 per 375 ml bottle


Dali Select

For You

Leccino and Frantoio varietals combine for velvety smooth Tuscan style oil with a kiss of spice. Dali Select brings new life to a diverse range of deserving foods – sautés, baking, marinades, pesto, topping pasta, pizza, vegetables, salads and fruit, supping with bread or solo.

$20 per 375 ml bottle



Dali Extra Virgin Olive Oil is available at Moore Wilson’s in the Wellington region, Martinborough Wine Centre in Martinborough and other outlets, or you can order here.

Ordering is via email – see Contact details – sales within New Zealand only

We have chosen 375 mL bottles to provide purchasing value, around the same price as quality 250 mL bottles. There is a limited supply for 2012.

Minimum order is two bottles ($40 + freight). We offer free shipping within New Zealand for purchase of packs of six bottles ($120).

A free recipe comes with each direct order.


Heat, light and oxygen harm olive oil, so store in the dark at cool temperatures, for example at the back of a kitchen cupboard – not near a window or stove top or in a refrigerator.

Once the bottle is opened optimal use is 60-90 days. Ensure the cap is tightly closed.

Our oil is unfiltered and any cloudiness is natural.

Support local producers to ensure you are consuming extra virgin olive oil, certified by the Olives New Zealand. Look for the red OliveMark on our bottle.


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